The D A I S Y emblem

Being a gang full of hackers and spys , D A I S Y is known all through out tokyo. No one knows who started but they do know who to talk to if they want join D A I S Y. 

D A I S Y it self was made to help cops with the mafia and gangs , but since the cops never listend to the leader there work was just put in vain. 

No one knows who a D A I S Y is just only that there called pods and that there leader is called Daisy. Some say Daisy is a 12 yearold girl and others say it's a computer , but Daisy is known through out all of Tokyo herself

The way you know your on D A I S Y land is the emblem on the walls , floors , lamp polls, etc.

D A I S Y is not evil , and far from it , but other gangs look to destory D A I S Y because of what they do. The only thing that keeps D A I S Y safe is "The White Rider" , who is a female biker who is always dressed in all white and rides a white motorcycle.  
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  • White Rider
  • The White Rider (Google gave me this one =w=)

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