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Name: Gean Toren

HQ name: Wish, Death Wish, or Crime

Other names: Graze 2.0, Death Wish
Gean's theme

Gean's theme

this is what she felt just before she ranaway, then she did

Birth day: the day of the fight

Family: none

Age: 15

Appearence: Gean looks  much like Greze, having the same white hair and yellow eyes.(everything else on pics)-->

Bio: Gean ranaway 2 years ago not telling a soul goodbye and began living on the run as a mercinary. She Killed Graze because she begged for death and now has her "infinity bag"(with minor altorations), weapons, and motorcycle. She doesnt keep in contact with anyone and no one has been

Her energy hand

able to locate her. She blocked all her past memories as well. She unlike Graze is truly emotionless. Though she will laugh and taunt.

Fighting: Gean is normally a calm fighter unless she's enjoyinh it to much which will bring out her somewhat insane, blood-thirsty side. Besides what she got as payment from Graze, she somehow got her bullet catching technique and when she did she "leveled it up" into an energy field around her enitre hand. Though she is "Graze 2.0" she is not as good a shot but she is certainly a better fighter