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Welcome to Graffiti City. The glorious city known for its graffiti hidden in alleyways, highways, inside buildings, and other various places. Come Join in the City of tokyo(Graffiti City). And experiance a fun loving none violent city.

Note:If you wish to be apart of the lombardi family you have to ask one of the people who are lombardies

P.S. Note: You can create your own gang, Mafia Family, Organization, And be apart of the police force if you want. 

Whats it aboutEdit

Reboot Season 1Edit

Graffiti city is about Rival Mafia Families, Gangs,Police,And weird people with powers(They are rare). 

Its been 1 year since the incident of Shibuya 101. Which was a All Out War in Shibuya Downtown which is a District in Graffiti City between the Police The Mafia and The Gangs. The Gangs were crushed after this "Incident" And they are trying to gain their strength back once again to take down the mafia and to cause trouble in the city. But there are also some good gangs now rising up in the city to take it over and create peace. The Mafia Families all Formed up together during this Incident but all retreated once the police got involved in the battle. The Police have been very quiet since then and they are so disorganized now they dont really care about crime. One of the mafia families known as the "Lombardi Family" Are nicknamed the "Crazy 8's" They have untied the other mafia families and control nearly all of the city's black market facilities and businesses. The Crazy 8's are very popular in the city nearly everyone knows about them unless that person is new to the city of course. However something is about to break. An all out war between the Crazy 8's and the remaining gangs/new gangs that are rising up or still left even the police might get involved this time. 

But the decision that happens relies on everyone in the city. Can you make a difference?

Latest activityEdit

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