Headquarters The Online Graffiti Site.Edit

Headquarters or HQ for short was a site created by a simple group of school kids three years ago in graffiti city. The site was the main source of information for Rikka Lombardi, Rose Mayuki, And many others. 

The site was also used by Various gangs and Military Groups Examples would be D A I S Y, Sleeping Forest and Strike Witches.  Information spreaded wildly across the site through various chatrooms. Even hackers were able to get feed from any part of the city from using this site. 

Of course everyone had to set up nicknames to stay undercover because the police never knew of the site much. But they could find it that was for sure. 

Since Two Years Ago after the first Graffiti Royal the site has become very popular around the entire region of Graffiti. Everyone gets information about what happens around either the region or mainly the city from using the chat. Since famous people like Rose Mayuki and Rikka Lombardi used the site. Of course the police sometimes monitors the chats just in case. 

HQ is a big part of Graffiti City now become a popular site around the region it has been a site that has been promoting tourism and popular ads around the city. But the person who created the site still works it but is unknown and uses the name Graffiti the others who helped this person all left but are back its just that they don't have a role in participating in the site anymore.