Full name: Izanagi Akamine

Age: ???

Race:  "Human"

Screen name: Note

Job: ???


Other: Kinda Psycho


Izanagi is a fair skinned male with rugged,dirty blond hair that reaches a bit past his ears, and pale brown eyes. He is young looking man who is tall and fit, what he mostly wears are just Kimonos, but you know he'll wear other stuff too.


He is a confident and crafty young male you really just likes to put people in danger or twist their life around, horribly. The other hand he can be a laid back pervert that acts like a 5 year old rather then a...wll he doesn'tact like the age he looks.


  • Blowing stuff up
  • Hacking
  • Stealth 
  • Acting
  • Hand-to-Hand combat
  • Outfit 1
  • Outfit 2
Supercell 罪人 Tsumibito - Sinner Eng Romaji Kanji HD

Supercell 罪人 Tsumibito - Sinner Eng Romaji Kanji HD