Age: 17

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Family: Tazuko (father)

HQ name: Dash


He is a bit reckless and acts before thinking a lot. 

Back storyEdit

Kazuki seems like a normal guy, when in truth there is a huge secret he keeps hidden from everyone. A few years back, Kazuki died. In an attempt to save his life, an alchemist placed a black kakugane, an alchemic stone, into his chest to replace his heart. The stone ended up bringing him back to life, with a few secrets with it. 


Black kakuganeEdit

Kazuki is able to activate the kakugane within him, upon doing so he is able to summon his soul weapon. Taking the form of a lance, the sunlight heart can be summoned. The stone also gives his body enhanced durability as well as increased stamina.



When in battle, Kazuki can use an ability called victorizing. With this ability, he over charges the Kakugane inside him. Accelerating his movements and strength as well as the ability to regenerate. While in this form, his skin color changes to a deep tan and his hair glows a light green. 

More to come...