Name:Kirana "Jinkaku" Ikitake
Kirana Jinkaku Ikitake

Kirana Jinkaku Ikitake


HQ Nickname: 00(Double 0)

Nicknames: Kaigo, Kira-Chan, Mura, Radical Kira

Occupation: Leader of School Kendo Team, Head School Researcher, Student Council Vice President

Siblings:May(Older Sister), Yata(Older Brother)

Last Names/Nicknames/NecklaceEdit

It is unknown what her real last name is but she goes by the Name "Ikitake". And her nickname 00 is a Reference to her Big Sister's Nickname Zero Or 0. Hence her Nickname being the Extra 0 thus the name 00 comes from or Infinity.

She carries around a Blue Crystal Necklace it might have been something either yata or may gave to her after the first graffiti royal who knows. But she wears it and has it on her at all times.


She was the youngest of three being born of such a small size and stature that she was underestimated a lot. Even though she was young she formed up and made a gang at the age of 12...The members in the gang respected her they wanted to protect her. The ones who had an education teached her and helped her like her brother yata did. Her Gang was called The Kaishin. It would soon be taken over by Rikka "Takanashi" Lombardi due the uprising of Graffiti Royal. The Gang Is still Active after two years but are mainly a social gang now but the old members which equal up to a total of 20 now since most died during graffiti royal will help citizens at anytime if they come in contact with trouble. 
  • Kirana
  • Kirana Activating her powers while in her Lab coat

Rumor was that Kirana took Katana lessons from Miomoto at the age of 13 thus the reason she is the Leader of her schools Kendo Team. Of course she is a Genius able to outsmart Rikka in most occassions thus the reason why rikka employed her during the First Graffiti Royal. Kirana was born with special powers that enhance her breathing and speed and skills in kendo and in battle. Her eyes will turn bright blue when activating her powers. 

She is a Graffiti Royalist because she participated in the Final battle of the First Graffiti Royal which she managed to get out alive however it made her stronger. Since rikka was back to normal and good she began to work under her as a bodyguard and "Strategist". 


She is one of the smartest girls in graffiti city's school system being capable of handling being leader of the Kendo Team and Head School Researcher, And not only that but being Vice President all at the same time. Her school life doesn't seem to get in the way of anything as she is pretty well versed in everything and has A's in every class.