Beatrice vs

Beatrice vs. Virgilia image song 「Revive」 English Translation

Kurayami's theme

  • Kurayami in her human form.
  • Kurayami in her vampire form.
Appearance/Other things
  • Short Greyish/white hair. Has it in side ponytails most of the time.
  • Pale skin
  • Black colored eyes.
  • Has black hair and red eyes in vampire form.
  • Wears a white and grey dress most of the time.
  • Long black thigh socks.
  • White Mary Janes.
  • Is a vampire.
  • Belongs to a rising mafia called the "Sanguis Regnum" or "Blood Kingdom"
  • Is the daughter of the leader of said mafia.
  • Has regenerative powers.
  • Can fly.
  • Super speed.
  • Mind read.
  • Super strength.


Kurayami or Kura to her parents and friends, lived in the center of Europe. Her family and herself were the biggest mafia in the whole country. That is until the modernization of the coming century. Then the mafia started falling apart and splitting up. Soon Kura and her family had to use the money they made to start anew. That's when Kura finally moves into Graffiti City and starts rebuilding the fallen empire. Kura is almost always serious when it comes to business. She always knows when a deal is gonna go bad or if a person is lying to her. When other topics arise she usually pays attention to every word the person says to see any weakness of any sort. She can be silent when she needs to be and talkative when she wants to be. She's good at the violin. 

Role and What the Blood Kingdom does.Edit

Kura is the second in command of the Blood Kingdom.

She takes care of some of the recruitment procedures. Most however are taken over by her mom.

Blood Kingdom specializes in weapon dealing, theft, drug dealing, and assaininations.

They also have ties to the government and the court.

Father is the head of the Blood Kingdom.

Mother is third in command.

Big brother Ayden and little sister Adbel share fourth in command.