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Leo :'D

Name: Leo Minor

Age: 21-23

Gender: Male

Screen Name: 97

Occupation: NEET; Blogger; Photographer


Leo Minor is more of the average NEET. In his high school days, he had an above average capability of learning and taking information in. He could easily teach himself anything that the school taught, and quickly grew bored.  

Since dropping out of high school to pursue the world of arts in photography, he had only gained a greater interest in humans, human behavior, human action, and human value. Around Graffiti City, he had planted over a near thousand video cameras in buildings, on streets, an alleyways, and in underground hot-spots. Leo spends time either out taking photography jobs (which are actually just mistaken pornos than not), or in his apartment which is littered in dozens of monitors connected to the cameras around town and various news channels.  

His interest in information on the city led him to become a top hacker. If he knows what he's looking for, he can easily hack personal systems, as well as government, military, and other organizations and has also programmed one of the greatest computer defenses in the city and one hell of a rerouting system. 

Leo is the most sly, double-crossing, ultra-daring, undercover, self-employed, supeir reporter! Leo doesn't care about the past and doesn't give a shit about the future, either. All he cares about is what's going on at the exact time. 

Leo possesses an extrem interest in expsing the (not-so) underground world of gangs, mafia, and illegal and corrupt organizations. 

His small mess of an apartment contains more than 15 working monitors that are all connected to at least a few hundred computers that he set up or hacked all around the city. With the nearly all of the information he gathers, he writes research articles, and uploads videos of the "bad guys" and the "good guys" to reveal the truth to the public eye. Perhaps he doesn't realize that people find watching a gang terrorize the city, isn't as comical as he sees it. 

Often, he even likes to to set up traps and pranks in front of his camcorders for entertainment like some bad reality TV show. 

Leo usually forgets to eat, especially if Rose isn't there to feed him, lately.

Wears glasses.

He is very aware and capable, but doesn't care to ever get noticed or involved.


  • Computer Skills
    • Programming
    • Hacking
  • Photography/Filming
  • Multi-tasking
  • Hiding/Invisibility (not literally.)
  • Shooting (He knows how to shoot a gun, but is not necessarily good at it.)


  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • The ability to take care of himself
  • Sleep
  • Personal hygene
  • Physical strength (No, he is not disabled)