• Lexy during fall
  • Lexy being sassy XD
  • Lexy's handmade gun "Shadow V9"
  • Lexy's handmade phone
  • Lexy taking a picture of her boss doing Yoga with a cat. (He got flexible some how. Lol. He-He-He.)

 *Name - Lexy Standford 

  • Age - 19-20
  • Looks - When her hair , which is coal black with a blue high light on her right bang ,is let down it goes to her shoulders. Her left eye is red while her right is blue and she normally wears clothing she makes herself , since nothing ever fit her style.
  • Life stlye and Persona - She likes to live her life free and on the edge.  Lexy is  very mean and snappy when she meets strangers but is like a sister to her closet friends.
  • Bio -  She grew up on the streets since her mom and dad only beat her when she was a baby , maybe 2 or 3. Lexy was very smart and loved to find out how things ticked , so she started to make her own things such as Phones, Clothes, Shoes, Weapons, Computers, etc.  Now a days she just makes one really advanced model of 1 item and keeps it in till it becomes old, she doesn't trust anyone else but herself.
  • Likes - To tease people and play pranks on them, sing, listen to music on her cell with the headphones she also made, to spy on people (NOT A STALKER! Just a very nosey girl =w=), and to fire off the gun she made which she calls "Shadow V9". 

All I got for now folks.~ Kit Kat The Bunny (talk)