Fullname: Lola Landberg


Lola Landberg is a young girl who grew up with an unfortunate lifestyle. When she was around the age of five her once loving mother and father decided to move to Japan after discovering a special talent of Lola’s. The young pinkette could sing! Yes she was still undeveloped but she had a beautiful voice. Her father had brought the idea up during dinner one night and her mother happily agreed. The idea consisted of them spending all their life savings to get to Japan so Lola could be discovered. The very thought of making money off their daughter’s talent turned them into greedy people, leaving poor innocent Lola to pay for their mistakes.

Of course the plan failed, causing Lola and her parents to live out on the streets. Lola’s mom became a drug addict while her father gave into alcoholism. Lola had to start selling drugs to fund both of her parents’ new profound habits, leaving her delightful childhood behind for a terrible one on the streets.

During those days, Lola had to salvage what little food she could find for her parents. She was a kind hearted girl and wanted to keep them alive, even if she died herself. Basically she became anorexic with what little she could eat.

Recently Lola has been taken in by another family. Her only real outstanding talent was her ability to sing; she allowed herself to keep a pocket knife on her being in case of emergency.
  • Lola asleep
  • Lola asleep in her room
  • "Sometimes things don't always work out they way you want them to. That's why you have to force yourself to make a better future."
  • "I promise you things will get better. Just keep your head up kid."