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Nicoletta Lombardi

  Nicoletta "Nico/Nicky" Lombardi is the middle daughter of the so far known Lombardi family girls. She looks a little older then her actual age.

Her weapon of choice when fighting is a pair of  " Caspian Arms 1911" pistols.


Age: 15 (DECEASED)

Hair Color: Black, and verying in length depending on time frame, she cuts it when it gets to long.

Eye color: Violet/ Dark Blue.

She's good at hitting targets with her pistols, even if they aren't powerful. She can confuse people into thinking that she's older by the way she looks and acts. She has a knack for playing innocent and lying through her teath.

She's not very goos at hiding her feelings, and if she doens't watch out her mouth gets a little snarky and things slip out.

Background Info.Edit

She's has partial knowlege of the fighting aspects that go along with her family's buisness, she mainly stays on the side if not then she is the one that does the acual "Buisness" part of it.

But that doesn't mean she can't doa anything. Nico is in very good ties with where the family's weapons are supplied. Marco Ventaria, a well known mechanics son supplies the weapons to just about anyone willing to pay. Marco actually had a crush on Nico even though he is two years older than her. This is why he is still willing to help here even with her limited rescources.

  • Marco (Left) and Nicoletta (right)
  • Nicoletta (Left) and Marco (Right).
  • Marco (Left) and Nicoletta (Right)
She is rather sly and slick when it comes to getting what she wants no matter how she looks or who it is she want's it from. After all she is a Lombardi girl.

It was once said that every beautiful rose has it's thorns, well this rose has pleanty of them.