Name: Hiruko Vialugo

Age: ???

Online Name: Q

Nicknames: Question (Current), Trickster 


Question is a mysterious man. He tends to trap people  and kill them with and manipulate them. He's very coolheaded. He can come off very creepy and have a codesending tone at times. But is very likeable if needed.

His trick.Edit

Question knows everyone in the city. and can tell them most of there events. His drive is to slowly grip the city into being able to control gang leaders and even Vampites ar one point.

(Vocal cover Remix)F-L-O-W-E-R 狂花水月(歌入りアレンジ)【KirbyTDX 星のカービィTDX】

(Vocal cover Remix)F-L-O-W-E-R 狂花水月(歌入りアレンジ)【KirbyTDX 星のカービィTDX】

Questions theme

He can copy powers and use them against people or to help. Usually saying "Thank you" As he copies them. He also is amazing at armed to arm combat and has Metal card which is sharpened and can cut and be thrown.

He also has a music box that has a forbidden witch power. It gave him his power. Yet that was only playing it for 5 seconds. But he hasn't used it since, Knowing it may cause his destruction.