Vincnet JonesEdit

He moved to the city from a small vilage to the north,he has 2 sibling and a father,it is hard to find out his age do to him never officaly moving to the city,so there are no records of his age. He does have criminal records do to his profesion of being a smuggler


Vincent's main job, he smuggles weapons and varies other objects into the city.he runs a store know as "the black market" where he sells his varies iteams.But it can be tricky to locate do to it moving around town every few months

Witch eyeEdit

Vincent's family is classified as witches,do to most of them having what is known as the witch's eye.The Witch's eye is a form of magic created by the Immortal dark witch Medusa,allowing almost anyone use magic.Each person's eye is different and does different things.Vincent's eye gives him slight healing and telekinesis,but it is limited by the speed of the object,vary fast things he can not or barely control i.e a bullet that was fired. But slower things he can control i.e a sword that someone is swinging


Medusa is the Immortal Dark Witch,and creator of the witch eyes. When she created the eyes she created what she calls a fail safe,if someone has the witch eyes,that leaves there minds open for control, Medusa's control to be specific.But for 1000 years she has been magicly sealed away,her magic and body trapped within a room not able to harm the world ever again,but then vincent's eye awakened.When this happened the magic energy realesed off set the seal on Medusa,do to the off set she was able to have her magic get into vincent,turning him into her puppet.

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