Yata mugshot

Yata's usual expression.



Gender: Male

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown


Yata is a pretty brash young individual. Usually very serious and easily 

Yata blushing

Yata defending a girl.

angered. He has a strong head and knows many things, but his anger sometimes gets the better of him. His biggest secret is his reaction towards women. He is very shy around girls and will do anything to protect them and their honor. If he  see's someone disrespecting a girl, he is usually in their face defending her. 

Yata's Bat

Yata's bat


As of now all he has is his skateboard and his bat. Although this assortment of weapons is limited, he is able to use both very effectively. He was then confronted by a man named Vincent, he offerend him an alternative to his bat. Vincent spread a variety of blades in front of Yata, but only one caught his eye. 

His new weapon sports a flame similar to that of the HOMRA symbol, for this reason it became an instant hit for him. 

Yata's HOMRA blade.


He was once apart of a gang named HOMRA before he moved to Graffiti city. The banner of his old gang hangs from his door and the symbol is tattooed on his chest. 

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Yata and his board.


He is an advid user of the HQ, using it to find ways to help out his community. He once hacked into the IP address of a girl code named D A I S Y to find out where she was after she had been kidnapped. He uses the name Caine.